Telecom is the Core Business from which Delta Infra has evolved. The entire gamut of services that are required by Telecom Operators and Equipment Suppliers are provided. Right from Fibre Optic Outside Plants to Cellular Transmission Equipment.

Telecom Gear Installation Services

The Telecommunications Equipment for which services are provided by Delta Infra include BTS Transmission Equipment for GSM and CDMA Services, RF Antenna Installation and Cabling Activity, Microwave Antenna Installation.

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Delta Infra has expertise in installing 2G/2.5G/3G Technologies

Benefits of Using Services from Delta Infra

  • Skilled and Trained Engineering Professionals
  • Site Deployment in minimum time
  • Expertise of a vast number of installations
  • Deployment across HSPDA & WCDMA 3G Networks
  • Deployment across GSM/EDGE & CDMA 2G Networks
1 : BTS Installation Services

Delta Infra undertakes all activity pertaining to a GSM or CDMA Base Transmission Station (BTS) which includes the following:

  • Installation, Commissioning and Integration of BTS and Micro BTS
  • Swapping of BTS including commissioning and integration
  • Installation, Cabling and Commissioning of SMPS
  • Installation and Commissioning of Battery Bank
  • Installation of Feeder Plates
  • Installation of all Electrical Works required
  • Supply and Installation of Earthing System
  • Installation of RF Feeder Cable
  • Installation of Outdoor Feeder Cable Trays
  • Installation of Antenna Mounting Fixture and GSM/CDMA Antennas
  • Civil Foundation Works for Shelter, Outdoor BTS and DG
  • Supply and Installation of Antenna Mounting Poles
  • Acceptance Testing of all Installed Equipment
2 : Microwave Installation Services

The Microwave antenna is the point of interconnect for the backhaul used by most network providers. Delta Infra provides the following services:

  • Installation of the Equipment Rack
  • Installation, Cabling and Commissioning of the Indoor Unit (IDU)
  • Installation and Commissioning of the Outdoor Unit (ODU)
  • Mounting of Microwave Antenna 0.3mtrs to 2.4mtrs including coupling, flex twist cabling and grounding
  • Acceptance Testing of Microwave Installation
Wireless Infrastructure Services

The liberalisation of the Indian Telecommunications Sector in 1994 unleashed Mobile Telephony to the Indian Customer. The setting up of Mobile Networks is based upon the Network design for the given geographical area as well as a target number of subscribers.

The Infrastructure of a Wireless Operator is an important time consuming building process that involve the coordination of various stake holders. It represents a significant part of an Operators Network Presence. The building process varies as per the demographic requirements, from a City to the rural hinterlands.

1 : Ground Based Tower Sites
  • Civil Works

    Considering the Wind Velocity as well as the soil strata at the given location, adequate care needs to be given to the construction of the Tower Foundation. A strict quality control monitoring ensures that the construction conditions are met.

    The following activities are covered in the Civil Scope of a GBT Infrastructure:

    • Site Survey
    • Levelling and Clearing of Land
    • Soil Strata Testing
    • Excavation of all strata types
    • Construction of GBT Foundation
    • Tower Installation
    • Construction of Foundations for DG and Outdoor BTS equipment
    • Construction of Foundation for Shelter
    • Fabrication & Installation of Steel Base for Shelter
    • Construction of Guard Room
    • Construction of Compound Wall
    • Construction of Access Road
    • Acceptance Testing of the Site
  • Electrical Works

    After the construction of the site, the various systems need to be powered up and serve the transmission equipment.

    We carry out the following electrical activities at a GBT site:

    • Outdoor Electrical Works
      • Installation of Energy Meter
      • Installation of AMF
      • Supply & Installation of Earthing Chamber
      • Fabrication & Installation of Cable Trays
      • Installation of Lightening Arrestors and Earthing Conductors
      • Providing Power Connectivity to a HT source
      • Liaison with Energy Utility Providers
      • Installation of DG
    • Internal Electrical Works
      • Installation of ACDB Panel
      • Installation of External Power Cable
      • Indoor Shelter Power Wiring
      • Installation of Battery Banks & Power Plant
      • Execution of Load Test
2 : Rooftop Based Tower Sites

Providing Mobile Network Coverage inside Cities and Towns require the BTS Transmission Equipment and its Associated Antennas be made available on or on top of buildings. Generally the BSC of a region that caters to a few BTS will have a host of antennas serving both the backhaul network as well as local mobile service coverage. It is a standard practise to mount these antennas on a tower rather than on individual poles.

Services Carried out by Delta are

  • Site Survey
  • Fabrication of Tower to customers specifications
  • Construction of Tower Foundation on Rooftop
  • Construction of Shelter Foundation on Rooftop or Ground
  • Construction of D.G. Foundation on Rooftop or Ground
  • Fabrication & Installation of Cable Trays
  • Construction of Earthing Chambers
  • Installation of Lightening Conductors
  • Supply & Installation of Earthing Conductors
  • Fabrication & Installation of Steel base for Shelter
  • Shelter Internal Electrical Services
  • Installation of Battery Banks and Power Plant
  • Battery Bank and Power Plant Installation Services
  • Installation of DG
  • Liaison with Energy Utility Providers
3 : Roof Top Pole Sites

The Roof Top Pole Site is a BTS site that caters to only one cell of the mobile operators network. These sites are usually located in towns and cities especially where subscriber density is high. In these sites, each antenna set is mounted on atop Monopoles.

We provide the following services

  • Site Survey
  • Fabrication of Mono Poles to customers specifications
  • Construction of Mono Pole Foundations on Rooftop
  • Construction of Shelter Foundation on Rooftop or Ground
  • Construction of D.G. Foundation on Rooftop or Ground
  • Fabrication & Installation of Cable Trays
  • Construction of Earthing Chambers
  • Installation of Lightening Conductors
  • Supply & Installation of Earthing Conductors
  • Fabrication & Installation of Steel base for Shelter
  • Shelter Internal Electrical Services
  • Installation of Battery Banks and Power Plant
  • Battery Bank and Power Plant Installation Services
  • Installation of DG
  • Liaison with Energy Utility Providers
Wire-Line Infrastructure Services

While Wired line penetration has not kept pace with Wireless growth, the need for high speed broadband, development of back haul networks & triple play have made Private Telecom Operators push for Wired line growth. We have been assisting Operators to rollout their wired line networks cross country as well as intra city. Local Copper Plants, Optical Fiber Network Plants, OFC splicing teams, Last Mile Overhead Networks as well as In-building Services are some of the activities carried out.

1: Optical Fibre Outside Plants

Todays Communication traffic travels at blazing speeds because of the introduction of fiber optic cable on the traditional PSTN networks nationally and internationally. Fiber Optic Cable by its virtue of transmitting mega amounts of data on a single beam of light have enabled todays communication globally to be on the bandwidths that could not be realised in the past on traditional copper networks.

Optical Fiber Cable constitutes nearly all the trunk networks for traditional PSTNs, Mobile Service Providers, ISPs and Long Distance Operators. Therefore OFC networks are designed for both Metro as well as cross country networks.

Delta carries out all Infrastructure Services that is necessary for the Installation of an Optical Fiber Network. This includes Trenching, Laying, Construction of Handholes, Blowing of OFC, Optical Fiber Cable Splicing and Testing, Liaison with Local Authorities, As built Drawings and Documentation.

2 : Last Mile Copper Outside Plants

Traditional Copper Cable Networks are still used to provide last mile connectivity to the end users premises from the PSTN. This is used to deliver Voice, Data and Video. Since this is carried out in towns and cities, it is challenging to carry out the Installation Services in a time bound manner without disturbing normal public life.

All Infrastructure work that is necessary for the Installation of the Copper Plant is undertaken such as Trenching, Laying Ducts and Sub Ducts, Installation of Warning Markers, Construction of Pulling Chambers and Handholes, Backfilling and Surface Restoration, Pulling of Copper Telephone Cable, Jointing and Termination of Copper Cable, Installation of Outdoor Cabinet and Liason with Local Authorities.

3 : Inside Plant Networks

While OSP networks are major projects that are undertaken by the Wire line operators to provide connectivity to various areas, the last mile needs to be connected to the customers premises. Commercial and Residential Customers in Metro's most often than not are present in multi-storeyed buildings. Therefore the Wire line operator needs to provide service within the premises.

Delta helps Telco's achieve this by providing all In-Building services that are necessary for the last mile to be successful. These are Horizontal and Vertical Cable Ducting, Supply and Installation of Copper Cable through these ducts, Supply and Installation of DPs, Termination of Copper Cable at the Subscribers Premises, Testing of the Installed Network and Documentation.

4 : Digital Line Equipment Installation

Various services are provided by Network Operators to their subscriber. These would be Voice, Data and Video.

Delta installs subscriber side installation for

  • PSTN Telephone Lines
  • Dial-up Internet Services
  • Broadband Connectivity
  • Leased Lines
  • PRI Connectivity
5 : Fibre Response Teams

Delta has FRTs at its various branches that can carry out all Optical Fiber Activities that are necessary on the Field. These are manned by Industry Veterans and who have worked on various equipment.

The FRTs are fully equipped to carry out the following activities:

  • OFC Splicing
  • OFC Termination
  • OFC Fault Detection

These mobile teams have all the required equipment like Splicing Machines, OTDRs, DGs and tool kits.

The FRTs are put to use for regular OFC work or emergency fault rectification work.

6 : In-Building Solutions

For broadcasting good quality of services of mobile services, it is necessary for the network signals to be present at all locations that the customer will be using the services. However as radio signals do not penetrate too well through buildings, most of the target audience is left out of the mobile network coverage. To alleviate this problem, it becomes necessary to bring the mobile networks into the building. These solutions may be RF or OFC based.

Delta carries out the following services for In-Building solutions:

  • RF Survey
  • RF Network Design
  • RF IBS Installation Services
  • Network Testing
  • Network Documentation
Wire line Maintenance

As much as it is important to build a Wire line network, it is equally important to ensure that downtime of these networks is within the given SLA.

Delta carries out the maintenance of both Long Distance as well as Metro OSP Networks. We have fully equipped maintenance crew trained both for Optical Fiber and Copper Telephone Networks.

Delta provides teams that can cater to a 24hr surveillance and maintenance of the network working in 3 shifts. All necessary OSP support resources are provided to ensure minimum downtime of the networks